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Washing Machine

Firstly, you need to know what you want: a top-load or front-load washing machine!

When it is a time to buy new appliances, consider these tips before heading out.  

Front-load washers do not use an agitator, which improves clothing life. Ideal for smaller laundry rooms and tight spaces with dryer stackablility. With the benefit of a larger capacity, but for stain removal a steam feature is ideal.

Top-load washers have shorter cycles and produce a minimal vibration. These washers are cheaper than other washers and are easier to repairA top-load washer is better if you want to have a larger capacity, traditional look and pay less.


The next question is which size is best and most affordable?

Where in your house your new appliances will be placed is an important thing to give some thought to. Is it to be the main living area or upper level? Then you’ll want to look into a washing machine with a silent operation. Also it’s best to measure the space and also the entrance area in your home before going shopping.

Does the variety of the modes matter?

There is a wide variety of washing machines with many new features available. If you are particular about clothing care top loader’s come with non-agitator models and have a larger capacity. A great option for larger families are top loaders. A top-load washer can fit more clothes than a front-load washer.

Extra features can be vital depending on your specific needs for your laundry.  Opt for an Energy Star model, which reduces electricity and water use by 20% and 35%.

Also look for custom features like steam for better stain removal, adjustable spin speeds to reduce tangling, and sanitizing cycles to kill germs.


Often times older models are worth repair! If a new washer is not in the budget at this time call our toll-free number 1-866-323-9004. FastFix Appliance Repair will fix your washer the same day and at an unexpected affordable price!