Emergency Door Repair Toronto & GTA


Appliance Repair


A professional can easily and quickly diagnose the reason why the appliance is broken. He will be able to make the best decision on how to repair it.


Technicians have always have all necessary equipment and tools with them in order to fix the unit properly and quickly. Most appliances have specialty tools for repair that allow access and parts removal. As a result, you have your repair done right and your time is free for other things.


Repairing an appliance by yourself can be unsafe and cause more damage, ie. gas lines, freon gas and improper ventilation. However, having a professional repair service gives you a safe repair and a experienced and licensed technician.

In addition, it is cost-friendly in the long run to have the appliance repair done right to ensure that you unit continues to operate for a longer life.

Garage Door

DIY attempts with garage door repair can be fraught with troubles due to the many different components and operating parts of your garage door systems. Definitely requiring the exact and proper tools to complete, as well the matching parts for the type of garage door. Sometimes it’s a good ideal to call a reliable and affordable company to do the service and get a great job done.

Door Repair  

Often times a door repair is a matter of alignment and adjustments and getting it just right can be a balancing act! Framing and hardware need to be exact in order for a tight and secure seal. Letting the professionals do the repair ensures a proper fit and a smooth action of your door. As well, making your home more secure and more effective for the heating the house.


Additionally, having your locks repaired or changed by a professional locksmith raises your security and peace of mind. DIY lock change can be tricky and many people find themselves half way through and unknowing on how to proceed. In this case Call FastFix Locksmith and with a fast response we are pleased to assist.


FastFix Appliance

FastFix Appliance Repair offers affordable appliance repair service with licensed and experienced technicians and same day repairs. You can rely on our well-trained team. Call us now at (647) 361-7709 and our professionals will repair your appliance, door, garage door and send over a locksmith immediately if needed. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed