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Repair or Buy

We all like the shiny new appliances but sometimes it is just not in the budget and a repair is the best option. In these times of non-stop consumerism, it is hard to stay away from the strong urge to splurge for new things and new home appliances are very expensive. Why spend the money if it is possible to repair your unit. Repair or Buy, all of us have had this decision to make at least once. When there is a choice between buying a new item or calling for appliance repair here are some tips.

You save your MONEY!

It is still cheaper to repair than to buy a new unit, especially when the prices for new are going up all the time. If you’ve recently purchased high end appliances but the warranty has expired, it is the best and most cost-effective choice to repair. Essentially making your fairly new appliance brand new again. If new is not in the budget and your old favorite will have to do, it can usually be a simple fix of a hose replacement or some other simple adjustments.

You save your TIME!  You save your NERVES!

Instead of searching the Internet or shopping around, when you don’t have the time, for information about new appliances and having to compare them, you can repair your appliance and have it function like it’s brand new, same day. 

You save the ENVIRONMENT!

We all can agree that today the world has a huge amount of waste products. Sometimes this quantity is unjustified. We are changing our cell phones, washing machines, dryers, etc., even if they can be easily repair and used, without thinking where they all go.

FastFix Appliance Repair

If you choose to repair instead of to buy, you can always contact us at (647)361-7709 and our professionals will repair your appliance, door, garage door and send over a locksmith immediately if needed.