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If you want your washing machine to serve you for a long time, here are some simple tips for using your unit properly.

Do not overload

Sometimes we want to save on electricity, water and time. We put all the clothes, that we have to do, in the laundry at once and overload it. This causes the washing machine to lose balance during the spinning of the clothes. Moreover, overloaded washing machines can cause an internal hose to leak or a part to break. This doesn’t provide a good result, your clothes will not be 100% clean. Remember, it is better to wash smaller portions to ensure cleanliness and keep your unit operational.

Clean the inside before you wash

From time to time, it is necessary to clean the inside of your washing machine. We don’t pay attention to the dust that accumulates in the drum while loading the washer. In order to have clean clothes and a washing machine in good condition, cleaning the drum before doing the laundry is ideal.

Choose the right washing cycle

Depending how many clothes you have and the fabrics and colours, you should choose the right washing cycle. The washing cycle is the speed at which the washer washes and spins the clothes. If you choose the wrong cycle, the clothes can be damaged.

Right amount of detergent and softener

Using an appropriate amount of detergent and softener will ensure best results and help to avoid residue build up. The necessary amount can be different for each load. Check the box of detergent for the information. Also, you can find labels on your washing machine with this information.

Leave the door open

After using your washing machine leave the door open. This way the air will circulate and the humidity won’t stay, thus avoiding an unpleasant smell.

Follow these simple recommendations and your washing machine will work for a long time. But if your washing machine is broken, it could be a quick fix, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-866-323-9004 and our professional technicians will do the repair.